Sunday, December 13, 2015



h.o.l.i.d.a.y.t.r.a.v.e.l by luxevii featuring oversized sweaters

Sunday morning. Noon. And I'm still in our queen size bed with our fluffy white duvet all messy (including my hair). But I'm loving the atmosphere and so I'm sitting here dreaming of an outfit for those of you on Holiday Travel this cold December. First I recommend trouser sweatpants with easy slip-on suede booties. With a sweater that has leather sleeves (this looks chic and you stay warm) pair with long leather gloves (I like to roll up my sleeves, plus the gloves make me feel luxurious and so put together!) This leather duffel is a carry-on dream, it has easy access for your iPhone, passport, laptop or iPad, glasses, and camera...(tip) always carry-on your camera as it is breakable/fragile. Do NOT forget your favorite Starbucks drink. Anyway, this is what I rock at the airport but I'm still trying to find a sweater with leather sleeves online (they are not cheap) so cross fingers I can find one used or on sale. hhmmm...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015



p.a.r.i.s.a.p.a.r.t.m.e.n.t by luxevii featuring oversized beach towels

Today's post comes from a Polyvore contest I've entered and this is my favorite design for an interior if I had an apartment in Paris, France. My design is clean textures for kitchen and bath; warm textures for the bedroom and my vanity. I chose the sheepskin chair for the space of my vanity, including a long, floor mirror because I like to be warm while putting my makeup on and styling my hair. I'll make another post and describe further on my vanity area, bedroom and bath. Anyway these days I like to design with a masculine feel because I am married. Living with my man has changed my taste in interior décor to not only be part of me, but him as well. So girly, pink, and fluffy things covered in lace just doesn't satisfy my taste anymore; which is fine because I feel like I'm growing and expanding in my tastes. I'm learning so much about what I love and whom I love - I am so fortunate to have my hubby be part of this!

Reading lamp

Iron lamp

Reading lamp

Oversized beach towel

Home wall decor

Black home decor
$500 -

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



l.i.k.e.a.b.o.s.s by luxevii featuring black wall art
I am taking business to the next level...oh yes I'm in my pj's all day and total of 2 cups of coffee but getting a lot done on Polyvore and a post on my Luxe VII blog. Hence, today's post looks like me in 'Brunch Club' pj's, lamb slippers, my apple laptop on a well textured table/today's desk, while sitting on my cozy fur rug. BTW it's so rainy outside so it goes with the coffee. Anyway it's all of this VS. 'the big dreams' that are floating around in my mind, which I'm not complaining about because I have a good (entertaining) imagination. The 3 photos in today's post are representing handsome man, the baby, and the jet set lifestyle. I have such a handsome hubby that I literally sometimes wonder how I got so lucky and that our families bring up the word 'baby' like this is some kind of event to have followed our wedding. And while I love babies and hope to have some in the near future, I am just not in a hurry. I'm loving the jet setters blogs and instagram accounts and taking their cool new tips/tricks from them on our travels. My handsome man will just have to remain my 'Baby' for now who also still loves to travel just as much as I do. Not to mention we have our loving Yorkies whom I seriously believe are spoiled to the max.  Still, I am loving this life I've made for myself; receiving so much inspiration of a luxury-type life from Instagram....and yes babies sometimes creep in and I am inspired and in love...with the idea. I am a patient little lady....I can wait LOL

Topshop pajamas
$30 -

Speck macbook pro bag
$47 -

Grey coffee table

Sunday, September 20, 2015



d.e.v.r.a.s.q.u.a.r.e.d by cubby007 featuring a linen chair

I will be the first to admit, I haven't posted anything in a long while. However I am finally wrapping things up, my 2015 summer having been so busy, is now coming to a screeching halt. This is my September: WHERE THOU ART, THAT IS HOME. Where I hang my hat these days is also where I be workin' on my blog, so I totally plan to post more! While I absolutely love the modern digital notebooks, I still find myself not able to make any decisions yet...over the weekend the hubby and I shopped for a new laptop or notebook....BUT I am still old school with my (useful and straight-to-the-point) composition books; because I love to write and jot big ideas down quickly. Therefore my cubicle is still looking like my casa. BTW how about that 'Fries Before Guys' sweatshirt?? So cute for Fall right?!?

Yoga shirt

Black hat

Hermès hermes fragrance

Linen chair

Arteriors floor lamp

Deer home decor

Monday, June 22, 2015

m.a.s.c.u.l.i.n.e l.o.f.t.

m.a.s.c.u.l.i.n.e l.o.f.t.

m.a.s.c.u.l.i.n.e l.o.f.t. by cubby007 featuring a flower mirror

This is what I'd like to wear today. My Rag&Bone shoes setting our for brunch and do a little window shopping. I imagine I'm getting ready after a long cool shower (since it's so freaking hot this summer ugh) in my masculine loft and I've chosen to decorate with a masculine palette because at heart my environment compliments my very feminine nature and style. I've noticed while I'm very much a girls-girl there's a part of me that stays masculine, aggressive, and (for lack of a better word) ballsy! The bag I chose is this Givenchy because it goes easily around my wrist - easy for effortless walking around and browsing while it holds my small Prada wallet, lipstick, and my galaxy note (which everyone says is too big to be a phone) but I say hey it's easier to watch music videos, check my email, and update my blog! So there you have it!

Michael Kors top

E L L E R Y woven shorts

Givenchy oversized handbag
$1,830 -

Stone bangle

Bronze jewelry

Hand made furniture

Set of 3 wall art

Arteriors brown shades

Thursday, June 18, 2015

s.e.a.t.t.l.e d.r.e.a.m.i.n.g

Seattle Dreaming

Seattle Dreaming by cubby007 featuring a cowhide rug

Ok guilty confession...I follow Lindsay Lohan on Instagram...and this is how it came to be my find of Lavish Alice! She is modeling some pieces from the line. I love the unique style (and if I were still living in the city this would totally be my 'going out' style) Hence the bra in today's blog. My all time favorite designer is Celine and this clutch in Nude goes with anything/everything. Also, I am obsessed with styling my outfits with a unique trench. It layers so well. Anyway the real topic is Seattle!! This place....mmm where do I even....first of all if you're young adult, independent, up for excitement than I highly recommend living there. This city is booming and everytime I go I always feel so alive and full of energy! I don't know if it's the refreshing rain, the chic boutiques, the walking around (from window shopping, buying flowers of the day, or brunch with refreshing mimosas) I have my little hot spots and I can NOT get Seattle out of my pretty little mind. Part of me is really considering this for my vaca this year (and BONUS my husband loves the food options here) YUM

Trench coat

Lavish alice
$44 -

CÉLINE celine handbag
$1,080 -

E J danish furniture

Cowhide rug

Dot Bo mounted light

Street sign

Ferm LIVING traditional rug
$295 -