Sunday, December 13, 2015



h.o.l.i.d.a.y.t.r.a.v.e.l by luxevii featuring oversized sweaters

Sunday morning. Noon. And I'm still in our queen size bed with our fluffy white duvet all messy (including my hair). But I'm loving the atmosphere and so I'm sitting here dreaming of an outfit for those of you on Holiday Travel this cold December. First I recommend trouser sweatpants with easy slip-on suede booties. With a sweater that has leather sleeves (this looks chic and you stay warm) pair with long leather gloves (I like to roll up my sleeves, plus the gloves make me feel luxurious and so put together!) This leather duffel is a carry-on dream, it has easy access for your iPhone, passport, laptop or iPad, glasses, and camera...(tip) always carry-on your camera as it is breakable/fragile. Do NOT forget your favorite Starbucks drink. Anyway, this is what I rock at the airport but I'm still trying to find a sweater with leather sleeves online (they are not cheap) so cross fingers I can find one used or on sale. hhmmm...

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